Getting Married is the Start of the Greatest Adventure of Your Life

So let's kick it off with a bang

Think of your wedding day as the ultimate adventure. An adventure elopement is like taking your wedding day and sprinkling it with a heavy dose of wanderlust and a dash of wild romance. In short, an adventure elopement  is based around only the things that you love and in a place that makes your heart leap. Adventure elopements are all about crafting a day around your passions – hiking to a hidden waterfall, exchanging rings under a blanket of stars, or ATVing to a secret spot in the desert. It's a celebration that's uniquely you, whatever your ideal adventure may look like.

So what is an adventure elopement?

let's craft your perfect adventure

An intimate canoe experience on a lake surrounded by mountains

What could the best day of your life look like?

Here are some examples of adventures you could have during your elopement.

A sunset hike to a mountaintop where you exchange your vows

A romantic evening in a hot tub in a cabin in the woods

Flying in a helicopter to the top of a glacier

Hiking to an epic waterfall and actually getting into the water

Going on a safari to exchange your vows with elephants as your witnesses

Snowboarding or skiing down a mountain

Living out your royal dreams in a European castle

Or on safari in Africa, on a glacier in Alaska, on a mountain in the Alps, in a National Park that takes your breath away. 

This could be you, getting married by a castle in Ireland.

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1. Send me a message

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2. a "get to know you" phone call

3. Sign the contract and breathe a sigh of relief

Choose Your Adventure




investment guides for each location

When most people think about eloping, they think about the elopement as just the moment when you actually have your ceremony. But I'm here to tell you that your entire day is a part of your story, and it deserves to be told. Choosing an all-day elopement is about embracing the full story, the candid moments, and the epic adventure that unfolds. With an all-day elopement, we have the luxury of time to capture your love story from sunrise to sunset and everything in between. It's not just about the ceremony; it's about the quiet, stolen glances, the laughter echoing through a day of exploration, and the intimate moments that happen when you least expect them. From the anticipation of getting ready to the quiet reflections during sunset, an all-day elopement allows us to create a visual narrative that truly encapsulates the depth and beauty of your love. The day you get married deserves to me more than just a photoshoot; it's an immersive experience, an entire day dedicated to celebrating your unique connection against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable moments. So, if you're dreaming of a wedding day that's more than just a snapshot but a cinematic journey, the all-day elopement is your ticket to an extraordinary celebration of love.

Why Consider All-Day Elopement Coverage?

it's the best day of your life, and every moment deserves to be remembered.

I help you find the absolute perfect location for you and your partner.

Imagine Having All of This Taken Care of For You:

Your wedding is worthy of greatness, and I make achieving greatness simple.

Location Planning

travel recommendations

I recommend activities, ideal flights, accommodations, and travel tips that make planning your adventure feel easy.

Elopement planning resources

Stunning photos to remember it by

I provide you with a 100+ page elopement planning guide that covers everything from what to do to what to wear. 

Photos of every special moment so that you can remember all of the love and joy you felt.

Imagine Having All of This Taken Care of For You:

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