The Wedding Experience

The problem isn't that you don't want a beautiful wedding; it's that you're craving an experience where you can actually enjoy the moment instead of constantly rushing from one moment to another. The struggle is real, but here's the silver lining: I specialize in solving this very problem. The solution? An unconventional approach that prioritizes your joy and turns your wedding into a celebration, not a production.

It's about creating an experience that allows you to genuinely relish every moment, surrounded by the people and elements that matter most to you. Together, we can turn your worry into excitement, ensuring that your wedding day becomes the stress-free, joy-filled adventure it was always meant to be by helping you craft a stress-free timeline and capture those precious moments so that you can enjoy them forever.

you want to actually enjoy your wedding day

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Whether it's a love of board games, an obsession with a TV show, a fashion vibe, or super awesome hobby, there is something about you and your partner that makes you unique, and that is something worth celebrating.

I can't wait to meet you and capture the celebration of your unique love story.

you are unique and want a day that celebrates that

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Yep, You're Going to Get Some Awesome Photos, But You're Also Going To Get...

Unlimited consultation calls so that you are never alone in the process

Timeline assistance so that you can breathe and enjoy your day

A professional party wrangler who can make formal portraits feel easy

Posing guidance so that you are always looking your best

I think almost every single couple I've worked with has said to me "We don't really know how to pose, " and that's totally ok! I work with real people, not models, and I know how to make real people look real good. When it comes to posing, I've got your back. During your portraits, I will take care of posing you in flattering ways for some epic shots, but during the events of the day, I will be taking mostly candids of your real joy as you go through the day.  So, instead of worrying about feeling awkward, focus on being yourself, and leave the rest to me. Together, we'll capture the real, unscripted moments that showcase the beautiful love that you and your partner have for each other.

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How It Works: 

Once you inquire, we will reach out to you to schedule a time to talk on the phone. We believe in getting to know our couples personally so that we can best serve you. This call will allow us to go over all of your options and go over any questions you may have.

2. Schedule A "Get to know you" phone call

2. Schedule A "Get to know you" phone call

After our call, we will send you a contract and invoice to book your wedding. Once you've taken care of that, we take care of you. We immediately begin working with you to plan and capture your dream elopement. You can rest easy knowing that we have your back

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1. Send Me a message

1. Send Me a message

3. sign the contract and breathe a sigh of relief

3. sign the contract and breathe a sigh of relief